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Take advantage of hearing,

Cycling is a fascinating sport

That brings us closer to the beauties of nature, and benefits the health and mental well-being however, it is necessary to think about it, that cycling can be very dangerous. The cyclist is not protected by anything other than a helmet and possible a fall or a car accident can have serious consequences.

Cycling is a fascinating sport

To avoid unnecessary risks, refer to the next part of the series Guide to cycling this time we break down the basic council department of the ministry of transport BESIP and bind them with the laws on road traffic. BESIP for easier understanding of the formulates principles of safety in the cycling of the ten commandments the condition of the wheel and its equipment the wheel must be properly aligned with two fully functional, independent of each other brakes. Must have reflectors – front white, rear red. In the wires of the wheels must be two orange reflectors, as well as on the pedals. For safety, it is essential bicycle helmet.

Mandatory it must have a person under the age of 18 years, however from my own experience I know that a helmet saves lives for all age groups it is important to be seen always wear colorful cycling clothing, preferably with reflective elements. A reflective vest may not look aesthetically pleasing, but the driver of the car it misses, so don’t be shy to use it. Especially in reduced visibility use the light. Up front, the headlamp shall be white in color, in the back of a red, always a source of energy. Alcohol on the bike does not belong after the use of alcohol, as well as other narcotic substances, decreases reaction time, decision-making ability and worsens the stability.

It doesn’t matter how many miles you hover,

But as you hover start cycling slowly choose a route that you can in the case of fatigue slightly shortened avoid frequent communications and remember that the pavement is only for pedestrians, as well as the transition. Anticipate there is nothing worse than thinking that on the bike are the masters of the roads.

It doesn't matter how many miles you hover,

Don’t forget that although the car you see, doesn’t have his driver see you. In the corners on the roads, moreover, can lie in wait spilled gravel, spilled diesel, oil or motorist in the opposite direction. Use all the senses if you are changing the direction of drive, pay it in a timely and clear indication of the arms. Always hold firmly the handlebar and watch the communication, after which you’re going an unexpected pothole or a channel, through that, can cause a puncture or a fall.

On a bike don’t listen to loud music, don’t call and I certainly don’t write reports all of this distracts and deteriorates the controllability of the wheel in emergency situations. If on the road, so right while driving stay on the right side of the road. If you’re traveling in a group, keep such spacing, so that the car could safely overtake and move into the gaps larger groups, it is good to split and have between the groups the greater the gap watch out for parked vehicles, which you walk round the left – it may happen that the driver opens the door.